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Public Policy Program Shizuoka Field Trip

On October 19, 2018 seventeen students from the GRIPS Public Policy Program went with Prof. Ieda, Director of Infrastructure Policy Course, and other faculty on a field trip to Shizuoka conducted in cooperation with the Shizuoka prefectural government. They visited Mt. Fuji World Heritage Centre in Shizuoka, the Osawa alluvial fan sabo facility which is the largest scale in Japan to prevent from sediment-related disasters, and Shiraito Falls which has undergone scenic enhancement as a World Cultural Heritage asset.


Mt. Fuji World Heritage Centre            Sabo facilities(Iwadoi Water-level Gauging Station)















Shiraito Falls                                                                                                    


A Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism officer explained the Osawa alluvial fan sabo facility in detail. We could feel the dynamic power there.

At Shiraito Falls, Fujinomiya City officials explained how the landscape was enhanced.


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