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Friendship concert held at GRIPS

On January 11, 2008, GRIPS presented the first GRIPS Friendship Concert. The concert provided an opportunity for the people of Minato ward and GRIPS students and faculty to cultivate friendships and appreciate music together.

GRIPS co-hosted the concert with the Minato Sports Community Culture and Health Foundation and the Federation of Japan Opera. GRIPS invited the people of Minato ward and the Minato International Association to attend.

The program featured a total of 18 festive songs performed by rising Japanese opera singers (Soprano: Miho Hirota, Mezzo Soprano: Yumiko Kohno, Tenor: Hiroaki Fueda, Baritone: Yuichi Toyoshima, Piano: Naoko Asano).

A reception following the concert gave many of the attendees the chance to get to know one another.



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