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Public Administration and Leadership Training Program for Promising Thai Government Officials 2007

GRIPS has conducted a 14-day training program titled as the Thai Public Administration and Leadership Training Program (PMLTP) from August 26- September 9,2007 in answer to the request of the Office of the Civil Service Committee in Thailand. GRIPS welcomed thirteen promising government officials that were selected by the Thai government as participants who are in manager, assistant manager positions, or with a few years of experience after employment.

During the program, the participants attended lectures given by PMLTP Program Director Professor Horie, as well as lectures given by faculty members including Professors Yokomichi, Takada, Hara; Associate Professor Honda; and academics from other institutions. Along with the lectures at GRIPS, lectures given by incumbent government officials and policy makers allowed the participants to deepen their knowledge on Japan’s experience in the areas of the role of government, administration reform (organization reform, privatization, deregulation, policy evaluation, etc), industrial policy, energy policy, antipollution measures, and global environmental issues.

Leadership Workshops were held with young executives from the public and private sector as well as with the students of GRIPS to exchange ideas and build network.

The participants visited the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Economy and Industry, Ohta City Industrial Promotion Organization, Ohta City Techno-Wing and private enterprise (Pasco Corporation), and think tanks (Nomura Research Institute) in Tokyo. They also went on a field trip to Kanazawa (Ishikawa Prefecture and Kanazawa City) in order to be briefed on local government administration reform, finance and Japanese culture.

Lastly, the participants completed their training program with each group presenting their concept papers on the Role of Government and Leadership in Time of changes and Innovations.





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