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2022.4.8 Announcements

Graduation Ceremony in Spring AY2021 Successfully Held Online

GRIPS held its Graduation Ceremony online on Thursday, March 24, 2022, conferring degrees on 76 GRIPS graduates.


[Dean's Award]

Public Policy Program

- Regional Policy Concentration: Kato Tatsuya
- Infrastructure Policy Concentration: Ida Yosuke
- Disaster Risk Management Concentration: Kishimoto Yuki
- Healthcare Policy Concentration: Suzuki Emi
- Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Concentration: Sasaki Atsuko
- International Cooperation Concentration: Ashida Hana
- Open ConcentrationAihara Keiko
Urban Policy Program: Nishimura Hiroaki
Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Program: Watanabe Kenichi
Global Leadership Development Program: Kaneko Jun


[Valedictory Speech]
Public Policy Program, Open Concentration: Aihara Keiko






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