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Project for Peaceful Competition Virtual Conference: How countries in the Indo-Pacific have responded to the rise of China


On February 8 and 9, 2022, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) hosted a virtual conference as part of the Project for Peaceful Competition. The theme of the webinar was Indo-Pacific nations’ response to the rise of China.


The project, originated by Sir Oliver Letwin, former Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster, was founded with the aims of (a) deepening common understanding of the existing threats to peaceful competition between China and the West; and (b) stimulating discussion about various means by which peaceful competition can be achieved. GRIPS is participating in the project as a representative organization from Japan.


Distinguished experts on national security and international relations, led by GRIPS Prof. Harukata Takenaka, discussed the response of Indo-Pacific nations to the rise of China.


On the first day of the conference, GRIPS President Akihiko Tanaka gave a keynote speech on the implications of the rise of China in the world.

The keynote was followed by the first panel discussion, chaired by Prof. Narushige Michishita. Distinguished experts reported on the responses from the US, Japan, the EU and India and presented the historical and current relationships between their countries of specialization and China. Discussants (listed below) addressed questions to each of the presenters and contributed to the discussions.




US: Paul Haenle(Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy)

Japan: Harukata Takenaka(Professor, GRIPS)

EU; Yoko Iwama(Professor, GRIPS)

India:Pratnashree Basu (Observer Research Foundation, Kolkota) 



Chisako Masuo(Associate Professor, Kyushu University)

Toshihiro Nakayama(Professor, Keio University)


On the second day, Prof.Ken Jimbo of Keio University chaired the second panel discussion. Distinguished experts reported on the responses from Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar; described the historical and current relationship between their countries of specialization and China; and discussed related policy and challenges.

The discussants reviewed the crucial points and expanded on their observations.




Australia: Julie Bishop(former Foreign Minister of Australia)

Singapore: George Yeo(former Foreign Minister of Singapore)

Indonesia:Dewi Fortuna Anwar(Center for Political Studies, Indonesian Institute of Sciences)

Philippines:Associate Prof. Yusuke Takagi, GRIPS

Myanmar:Professor Toshihiro Kudo, GRIPS



Masafumi Iida(National Institute for Defense Studies, Ministry of Defense)

Ayame Suzuki (Professor, Doshisha University)


Please check the link below for more details of the discussion.


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