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Special Three-Month Training and Research Program for Senior Officials of Vietnamese Government 2019


GRIPS had a Special Three-Month Training and Research Program for Executive Officials of Vietnamese Government from October to December, 2019. Five participants were selected by the Vietnamese Communist Party Organization. They were from Ministry of Public Security(International Academy), Online Nhan Dan Newspaper Board (Nhan Dan Newspaper), Dak Lak Province(Department of External Affairs), Vietnam Red Cross (Disaster Management Department), An Giang Province (Provincial Youth Union).


This training program primarily aims at making research work and writing research papers. In addition to making research work on specific subjects, participants attended some of the regular courses of GRIPS and visited several agencies, local governments and private companies. GRIPS professors were nominated as advisors for participants to make research works and write policy papers.


For the research activities, each participant wrote a policy paper on specific subject such as “Changes in US Security Strategy: Opportunities and Challenges for Vietnam”, “Vehicle Parking Development in Inner Area of Hanoi”, “Determinants of Spatial Distribution of FDI to Vietnam: with Special Reference to Highlands Provinces”, “Integrate Gender in Disaster Management”, “Government Supports for SMEs and Entrepreneurs in Vietnam with Experiences from Japan and OVOP Movement”.

To enrich contents of research works, participants conducted interviews with experts and practitioners of the field to study Japanese experiences and challenges. Their research activities were supported by the program director, Prof. Masahiro Horie (Professor Emeritus and Director of the Executive Development Center for Global Leadership), Executive Vice-President Prof. Kiyotaka Yokomichi, Vice-President Prof. Narushige Michishita, Prof. Toshihiro Kudo, Prof. Masaru Sugahara, Prof. Hirofumi Takada,

Prof. Emeritus Hisayoshi Hashimoto.


Participants also attended the training program for Bureau Director level officials of Vietnamese government. This program was provided at GRIPS in October 2019. During this program, they visited Toyama Prefecture and had a chance to visit Japanese companies and local government.


On the last day of the program, participants presented the final papers of their research works and completed the three-month training program.


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※This program was organized by GRIPS and JICE with the support of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) under the Joint Statement on deepening the Japan-Viet Nam extensive strategic partnership in June 2017.


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