The 1st VDF Tokyo Conference on the Development of Vietnam
18 June 2005 at GRIPS, Tokyo
Photo Gallery

Registration Desk
(Left: Thuy,  Right: Anh, both Master students, GRIPS)

Opening Remarks by Hoang
(PhD student, Yokohama National University)

Greeting speech by Mr Vu Hai Diep,
Vietnam Embassy in Japan

Introduction of VDF activities
by Thanh (PhD student at GRIPS)

Morning Session

"From Copycats to Quality:
Issues in Leveling Up Manufacturing Industries in Developing Countries"

Prof. Kenichi Ohno (GRIPS)

"Mekong Region Cooperation and Vietnam"

Prof. Masaya Shiraishi
(Waseda Univ.)



Session 1

"Demand for Money in Dollarized, In-Transition Economy: the Case of Vietnam"

Pham Thai Binh (International University of Japan)

"FDI and Growth Nexus in Vietnam"

Le Viet Anh (Nagoya University)

Session 2

"Rethinking of Gini Inequality from Grouped and Individual Observations: Examples from the Vietnamese Household Expenditure Data 1998"

Tadashi Kikuchi (Lecturer, Keio University)

"Triangular Manufacturing and Upgrading Strategy of Vietnam's Clothing Industry in the Post-multi Fibre Arrangement"

Pham Vu Thang (University of East Anglia)




One-page Presentations

Introducing ourselves with laughter

  Smile :)

Committee and Professor (from left: Atsuko, Hoang, Thuy, Prof.Ohno, Azko, Khai and Thanh)


"The most happiest session"



Professor is interviewing one by one (in Vietnamese?!).


Otsukaresama deshita!