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Professor Kenichi Ohno Awarded the Medal for Education in Vietnam

In November 2011, Prof. Kenichi Ohno received the Medal for Education, which is an award given for significant contribution to education and training in Vietnam.

Since 1995, Prof. Kenichi Ohno has produced a large number of practical policy-oriented research papers, books and proposals on Vietnam's development. In 2004, the Vietnam Development Forum (VDF), a GRIPS's research office in Hanoi, was established where Prof. Ohno trained many young Vietnamese researchers, including GRIPS alumni, in actual policy making environment.

On 28 November 2011, an award ceremony took place at the National Economics University (NEU) in Hanoi, the Vietnamese partner of GRIPS. Prof. Tran Tho Dat, Vice Rector of NEU, presented the award and expressed his appreciation for Prof. Ohno's strenuous efforts toward education and training in Vietnam.


(Jan2010) 明治維新1858−1881 (Meiji Restoration 1858-1881)
With Junji Banno (a historian, professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo)
Issued on: January 2010 (227 pages) 
Publisher: Kodansha-Gendai-Shinsho
ISBN-10: 4062880318 / ISBN-13: 978-4062880312 

   Part 1 in English: Full version (PDF 1002KB) | Short version (PDF 265KB)

The unique point of this book is that, an economist and a historian analyse the Japanese political process in the "transformation period" which spanned from the late Edo period to the early Meiji period - how the Meiji Revolution was achieved? what is the "flexible structure" of politics, which permitted the competition of multiple goals? - from the viewpoint of both historical and international comparison. <in Japanese only>

(Nov2009) New Publication Introducing KAIZEN in Africa
Kaizen literally means improvement: change (kai) for good (zen).
This book aims to introduce the basic concept and characteristics of kaizen to African audience and explain how Japan has implemented kaizen assistance in developing countries. It also discuss the factors that affect the performance of international kaizen assistance. Kaizen is applicable not only to the manufacturing sector but also to the service sector, public organizations, and non-profit organizations.
The book also provides information on the history of Japan's quality and productivity improvement. (October 2009, GRIPS Development Forum)
The contents are downloadable at "Download" corner of this website, or please write to us if you wish to have a hard copy.

(Jun2009) The Middle Income Trap: Implications for Industrialization Strategies in East Asia and Africa
This publication includes a series of papers (3 conference papers and 1 policy proposal) for different occasions but from a common perspective. Why do so many countries develop only to the middle income level but never rise to the level of Taiwan and Korea? What is the advice for countries that have already reached middle income such as Malaysia and Thailand, and others? The author argues in this book what the government must do to over come the situation. (March 2009, GRIPS Development Forum)
The contents are downloadable at "Download" corner of this website, or please write to us if you wish to have a hard copy.

(Sep2008) The Arabic version of Economic Development of Japan: The Path traveled by Japanese As a Developing country
(written by Kenichi Ohno, originally in Japanese Tojoukoku Nippon no Ayumi, 2005, Yuhikaku) was published with a cooperation of Japan Foundation.
(September 2008, Dar El Shorouk, Cairo)





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