East Asian Growth and Japanese Aid Strategy

Chapter 1: Latecomer Countries and the Global Market Economy
Chapter 2: A Proposal for Two-Track ODA: For East Asia and for the World
Chapter 3: Development with Alternative Strategic Options
Chapter 4: The East Asian Experience of Economic Development and Cooperation
Chapter 5: The Industrialization and Global Integration of Meiji Japan
Chapter 6: Industrial and Trade Policies of Vietnam under International Integration: Minutes of Meeting
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Improving Industrial Policy Formulation

Chapter 1: Designing a Comprehensive and Realistic Industrial Strategy (Kenichi Ohno)
Chapter 2: Renovating Industrial Policy (Kenichi Ohno)
Chapter 3: The Marketing Approach to FDI Attraction
(Mai The Cuong)
Chapter 4: Building and Strengthening Supporting Industries in Vietnam: a Survey Report (Kyoshiro Ichikawa)
Chapter 5: Optimum Procurement Strategy: Determinants of Parts Localization Under Regional Linkage and Competition (Junichi Mori & Kenichi Ohno)
Chapter 6: Issues in the ASEAN Electric and Electronics Industry and Implications for Vietnam (Hisami Mitarai)
Chapter 7: The Automobile Industry in Vietnam: Remaining Issues in Implementing the Master Plan
(Kenichi Ohno & Mai The Cuong)
Chapter 8: The Supplier System of the Motorcycle Industry in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia: Localization, Procurement and Cost Reduction Processes
(Kohei Mishima)
Chapter 9: The Competition and Evolution of Business Architecture: The Case of Vietnam's Motorcycle Industry
(Pham Truong Hoang)


The Economic Development of Japan: The Path Traveled by Japan as a Developing Country

Cover, Chapter 01: -Preface to the English Edition
-Foreword to the Japanese Edition
-Chapter 1 Modernization for Latecomers
-Chapter 2 The Edo Period: Pre-conditions for Industrialization
-Chapter 3 Meiji (1): Key Goals of the New Government
-Chapter 4 Meiji (2): Importing and Absorbing Technology
-Chapter 5 Meiji (3): Development of Major Industries
-Chapter 6 Meiji (4): Budget, Finance and the Macroeconomy
-Chapter 7 World War I and the 1920s: Export-led Boom and Recession
-Chapter 8 The Showa Financial Crisis of 1927
-Chapter 9 The 1930s and the War Economy
-Chapter 10 Post-war Recovery, 1945-49
-Chapter 11 The High Growth Era
-Chapter 12 Economic Maturity and Slowdown
-Chapter 13 The Bubble Burst and Recession
Final Exams,
-Final Exams
-Questions Asked by Students
-References, Photo Credits


Business Environment and Policies of Hanoi

Introduction   (36KB)
Chapter 1: Listening and Responding to Businesses
(Hoang Thanh Huong)
Chapter 2: The Nationality Factor in Assessing Hanoi's Investment Environment (Pham Thi Huyen) (263KB)
Chapter 3: Transportation in and around Hanoi: Current issues and Challenges (Nguyen Ngoc Son) (930KB)
Chapter 4: Investment and Business Financing in Hanoi
(Pham Van Hung)
Chapter 5: Competitiveness of Industrial Zones in Hanoi
(Vu Thanh Huong)
Chapter 6: Measuring the Environmental Impact of Regional Economic Growth: an Inter-regional Input-Output Approach
(Le Ha Thanh, Bui Trinh and Duong Manh Hung)


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