Japan-Vietnam Economist Club


 Tokyo, May 31, 2003
(Based on the "proposal of establishing the group for studying Vietnamese economic issues in Japan," which was revised at the kick-off meeting of the group on the date above at GRIPS)

Revised February 21, 2004

 1. Background

The number of Vietnamese students who study economics in Japan is increasing rapidly. Most of them are young researchers and government officials. However, until now there has been no place or means to express and exchange their views on a regular basis, engage in discussion with Japanese economists or officials, or feed the ideas back to the home country. Therefore, we have set up this club on May 31, 2003 to facilitate these academic activities, which would also play important roles in promoting international exchange and cooperation as well as enhancing the research capacity of the Vietnamese student community.

 2. Objectives

  To promote high quality research on the Vietnamese economy
  To offer a forum for intellectual exchange among people sincerely interested or deeply involved in Vietnam's economic policy
  To disseminate analysis and proposals in order to improve Vietnam's economic policy
  To stimulate similar academic activities in Vietnam
  To provide information exchange service for Vietnam's economic research
  To draft handbooks or other materials for Vietnamese students in Vietnam
  To publish articles or journals of international standard

 3. Name

"The Japan-Vietnam Economist Club" (JVEC for short).

 4. Legal status

The JVEC is established informally without legal status. After the JVEC activities are firmly established and expanded, a formal legal status may be assumed.

 5. Membership

The following individuals are eligible for the membership of the JVEC.
  - Vietnamese nationals with the knowledge of economics at the graduate level (undergraduate students can join the
JVEC as observers, not official members, except special cases approved by the JVEC leaders)
  - Vietnamese researchers and officials engaged in the analysis, formulation or implementation of Vietnam's economic policy
 - Professors, researchers and experts in Japan with great interest and knowledge of the Vietnamese economy (any nationality)
 - Other individuals approved by the JVEC leaders

 6. Group leaders

  - Professor Tran van Tho (Waseda University)
  - Professor Kenichi Ohno (GRIPS)
  - Nguyen Quoc Hung (Tokyo University)
  - Nguyen Duc Thanh (GRIPS)
  - Pham Truong Hoang (Yokohama National University)
  - Vu Tuan Khai ( Yokohama National University)
Research assistant for publication and web management:
  - Azko Hayashida (GRIPS)

In particular, the secretariat will perform the following duties.
  - Make records and administrative documents 
  - Make schedule 
  - Contact members 
  - External contacts and networking 
  - Produce meeting minutes and summaries 
  - Homepage production and management (with Azko Hayashida)

 7. Working language

The working language is English. However, Vietnamese and Japanese may be additionally used as necessary.

 8. Implementation plan

  The first stage (six months to a year): Workshops will be conducted monthly on relevant topics to mobilize ideas and opinions from all participants. Newcomers are welcome to participate in the discussions. The results of workshops, discussions, and other information are disseminated through a web.
  The second stage: Research activities are to be expanded after the successful completion of the first stage. Channels of discussion and dissemination will be enhanced, including seminars (Tokyo, Hanoi or elsewhere), GRIPS discussion papers/policy minutes, and other forms as appropriate.
  The third stage: Based on the evaluation of past activities, an economic association with full legal status and more formal structure may be established.

 9. Linkage with Vietnam

  The web will be advertised to all people concerned, including those in Vietnam. This web will be also in Vietnamese to provide more information for concerning readers in Vietnam.
  The JVEC will cooperate with Vietnam Development Forum (Joint Research Project between GRIPS and NEU). However, people not associated with GRIPS or NEU will not be excluded.
  Further linkages with research activities in Vietnam will be considered.

 10. Proposed topics

The Club accepts academic topics concerning the Vietnamese economy in all fields proposed by the members, for example:

- Macroeconomic issues: fiscal and monetary policy, tax policy, saving and investment, exchange rate management, sustainability of the balance of payments, banking sector's weakness…
- Microeconomic issues: business administration, cost-benefit analyses, competitiveness of domestic enterprises, state-owed enterprises, small and medium enterprises, micro finance, project management and evaluation capability…
- Industrial, trade and investment issues: industrial policy, agriculture, FDI encouragement mechanisms, industrial zones, technological transfer, trade competition, effects of WTO and AFTA, developing a knowledge economy, industrialization and modernization…
- Social issues: poverty reduction, income distribution, social change…

Workshops may discuss recently published papers on the Vietnamese economy by economists and international organizations as well as works in progress by JVEC members.

 12. Other

The GRIPS Development Forum (in Tokyo) will informally support the establishment of the JVEC. The JVEC will also cooperate with the Vietnam Development Forum (in Hanoi).