Economic Development of Japan
 Updated July 20, 2017

Spring 2017 -  Thursday 16:40-18:10 Lecture Room H


Syllabus Syllabus as of July 2017
Course materials The textbook (English hardcopy edition) will be provided free of charge to all registered students. Additionally, classroom slides, web text lectures (see below) and classroom handouts will be used.
Grading by term paper Deadline July 24, 2017. Submit both electronically and in hardcopy.
Choose one topic from below:
  (i) Assessment of public-private interaction in industrial development of Japan
  (ii) Comparison of Japanese experience and similar experience of another (your) country
  (iii) Detailed analysis of Japanese industrialization (beyond class materials & discussion)
In each case, one particular period and one particular sector/issue must be selected for analysis. Do not discuss generally or without focus. 10 pages or less, single-spaced. One figure or table, and a list of references must be included. Footnotes/endnotes are optional. Evaluation criteria: topic selection (25%), logical flow (25%), depth of analysis (25%), style and English (25%).

This course reviews the history of Japanese economic development from the Edo period (17-19c) to present. Economics is the main focus but social, political, diplomatic and military issues are also discussed. The reason for Japan's early industrialization, impact of external influences, interaction between economics and politics, and state's role and private sector dynamism will be featured. Historical data will be presented and academic debates by economic historians will be explained.

Please use the hardcopy textbook for main reference material. Additional paper handouts will be distributed in class. (Note: the English textbook is currently being revised significantly and will be commercially published from Routledge in September 2017.)

Lecture slides below are used in class. They are subject to revision at any time.

Schedule for 2017

Date Subject Textbook chapter Slides
APR 06 Overview & the meaning of modernization for latecomers ch.1 lec.1
APR 13 Edo period: pre-conditions of industrialization & modernization ch.2 lec.2
APR 20 Meiji 1: key goals of the new government ch.3 lec.3
APR 27 Meiji 2: politics of Meiji industrialization & modernization Meiji politics politics
MAY 11 Meiji 3: technology and major industries chs.4&5 lec.4
MAY 18 Meiji 4: budget, finance and macro balance ch.6 lec.5
MAY 25 World War I and the 1920s: export-led boom & collapse ch.7 lec.6
JUN 01 Showa Financial Crisis of 1927 ch.8 lec.7
JUN 15 The 1930s and the war economy ch.9 lec.8
JUN 22 Postwar recovery 1945-49 ch.10 lec.9
JUN 29 Postwar high growth 1950s-60s ch.11 lec.10
JUL 06 Economic maturity and slowdown 1970s-80s ch.12 lec.11
JUL 13 Bubble burst and recession ch.13 lec.12
JUL 20 Aging and Abenomics revised ch.13 lec.13
& aging

                                  Note: class dates are subject to the instructor's policy research travel. There is no class on June 8.

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