How to pre-register in this course (Spring 2018)

This course requires pre-registration in addition to GRIPS official course registration. All participants must be full-time registered students. We will not take unregistered observers. Course registration without pre-registration is not permitted.

Class is conducted in a small-group setting. The maximum number of students is 10. Each session consists of a brief presentation of the featured issue by one of the instructors, followed by free discussion by all participants. Students must have practical experience or concrete knowledge in policy making and/or implementation in their countries (or any other developing country), and participate actively in discussion. Some sessions toward the end of the course are reserved for student presentations where actual cases from their countries will be reported.

Grading is based on (i) attendance, (ii) participation and (iii) presentation (if applicable) with equal weights. There will be no written exam or term paper.

To pre-register, you must send email as soon as possible and by Friday, March 30, 2018 at the latest to Ms. Seishu Tsuruda, assistant at the GRIPS Development Forum:

In the email, please state (i) your name and student number, (ii) your country,  and (iii) your position and duties in the government prior to coming to GRIPS. You may additionally explain why you are interested in this course. If more than 10 students apply, we will select on the basis of your past experience and possible future position and work, and by conducting individual interviews (when necessary).

The above procedure is also announced through the GRIPS academic website.

We will send confirmation email as soon as your enrollment is secured or when all places are filled.

All pre-registered students must attend the first class on April 6, 2018.