GRIPS 政策研究センター Policy Research Center


Workshops and 9th GRIPS International Conference of Macroeconomics and Policy


The past workshops/conferences of Macroeconomics and Policy were very successful in the past 8 years. This fiscal year, we have had several great workshops and the 8th International Conference of Macroeconomics and Policy with a Nobel Laureate Lecture will be held on March 2, 2016. We cooperated with Keio University this time and successfully invited a Nobel Prize Winner, Prof. Thomas Sargent (2011 in economics) to our conference. Several world famous researchers will come at the same time. The conference has built up its reputation and promoted GRIPS very well. It is one of the very few successful international academic conferences on macroeconomics and related public policy in Japan, and becomes well known by researchers in the field. We plan to continue the cooperation with Keio next year. We also plan to discover additional international cooperation in Asia.

In addition to the conference, the workshops focus on specific topics each time that allows more time for clear presentation and deep discussion. Workshop speakers were experts in related research fields. Some of them also developed joint research projects with our faculty members during their visits at GRIPS. We find this arrangement really can encourage more research cooperation. We would like to continue the workshops and the conference for the next academic year. We still hope to combine the budgets of a short-term and of a long-term conferences so that we can have enough resource to maintain the reputation and the quality.


  1. To encourage research cooperation with researchers in related fields.
  2. To learn successful experiences from world leading researchers in the fields.
  3. To promote GRIPS to the world and create international cooperation opportunities.