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Mar 26, 2012 Report No:11-23

Management Practices, Self-Selection into Management Training Participation, and Training Effects in the Garment Industry in Ethiopia

  • Girum AbebeEthiopian Development Research Institute, Ethiopia
  • Tetsushi SonobeGRIPS
Field Economics
Language English

Many observational studies of micro and small enterprises have found that enterprise performance and education levels of entrepreneurs are positively associated.  Does it follow that entrepreneurs’ management capacities depend on their academic achievements?  This paper examines what types of entrepreneurs participated in a managerial training program held in Ethiopia, who benefited more from the program, and who had better management knowledge before the program.  We find that highly educated entrepreneurs were more willing to learn about management, more knowledgeable about management, and gaining more from the training program, but that such simple relationships are missing among entrepreneurs operating larger enterprises.

Keywords Africa, Ethiopia, education, management practices, management training
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