Intellectual Partnership for Africa

Industrial Policy Dialogue between Japan and Ethiopia

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and  GRIPS Development Forum, December 2011



Table of Contents (108KB)

List of Abbreviations (118KB)

List of Tables and List of Figures (116KB)

Foreword  (85KB)

Chapter 1      Introduction (305KB)

Chapter 2      Achievements in the Quality and Productivity Improvement (KAIZEN) Project (220KB)

Chapter 3      Ethiopia’s Industrialization Drive under the Growth and Transformation Plan (389KB)

Chapter 4      Policy Procedure and Organization for Executing High Priority Industrial Strategies (607KB)         

Chapter 5      Democratic Developmentalism and Agricultural Development Led Industrialization  (486KB)

Chapter 6      Broadening the Policy Scope: Cross-cutting Issues (296KB)

Chapter 7      Broadening the Policy Scope: Organizational Arrangements (611KB)

Chapter 8       Policy Direction for the Next Five Years (340KB)

Chapter 9      An International Comparison of Industrial Master Plans (396KB)

Chapter 10    Basic Metal and Engineering Industries: Policy Framework and the Firm-level Study (1,804KB)

Appendices (218KB)

References (165KB)                                                     


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