In producing this subpage, we received a great amount of information from the following organizations and experts: Mai Ngoc Cuong et. al. "An Assessment of the Impacts of Foreign Investment in Industrial Zones of Vietnam," NEU-JICA Research Project, April 2003; CONCETTI (Vietnamese consulting firm); MPI (Departments of Industrial Zones and Foreign Investment); MPI's Japanese web on IZ/EPZ; Mr. Toshiyuki Abe (Overseas Operation Department, Ohki Corporation). We also visited the managing companies and supervising government offices in charge of the following industrial parks: Bien hoa II, Binh Duong, Can Tho, HEPZA, Hoa Lac, Nomura Haiphong, Thang Long, Vietnam-Singapore, Vinh Loc. In particular, Mr. Hajime Yamaguchi (Overseas Industrial Park Department, Sumitomo Corporation; and Chairman, Thang Long Industrial Park Corporation) provided us with valuable insights and policy proposals. We greatly appreciate the cooperation of all these people. However, all responsibility for the contents of this web remains with the GRIPS Development Forum.