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Vietnam at a Glance -2000

Population : 78.5 million
Surface area : 331.7 thousand sq. km
Population per sq. km : 241.2
Population growth : 1.3 %
Life expectancy (2000): 69 years
GNI per capita : 390 US$
GDP : 31.3 billion US$

Source: World Development Indicators Database

Source: The University of Texas at Austin [].

Timeline of Vietnam History
1945 End of WWII
Ho Chi Minh declaration of independence in Hanoi
1946 1st Indochina War
1954 Division into South and North
1960 2nd Indochina War
1965 Vietnam War
1969 Death of Ho Chi Minh
1973 Withdrawal of US military After the ratification of the Paris accord
1975 End of Vietnam War Viet Cong troops enter Saigon
1976 Re-unification to be The Socialist Republic of Vietnam
1978 Entry into USSR-led COMECON More than half a million people flee the new regime as "boat people"
1979 Invasion upon Cambodia
1986 Doi Moi (Renovation) Policy adopted
1989 Withdrawal from Cambodia First time for half a century that the country is not engaged in any war (1989-)
1991 Relationships with China normalised USSR dissolved (end of the cold war)
1992 Aid resumption with many donors (including Japan)
1995 Diplomatic relationships with US fully normalised
Entry into ASEAN
1996 End of US embargo
1998 Entry into APEC 1997-98 East Asian Financial Crisis
2001 Bilateral trade agreement with US signed