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Vietnam's Strategy for 2001-2010
Vietnam's 10 Year Socio-Economic Development Strategy expresses a strong commitment to rapid growth, employment creation, and poverty reduction/social equity. The strategy articulates Vietnam's development vision for the coming decade, namely, developing the country from an agriculture-based economy to an "industrialized economy by 2020."
  • A doubling of GDP by 2010 to be attained through 7.5% annual economic growth (2001-05);
  • Investment to be increased to 30% of GDP from an average of 25% in the 1990s;
  • Exports to grow at more than twice the rate of GDP growth;
  • The share of agriculture GDP to decline from 25% to 16-17%; industry to increase from 35% to 40-41% and services to increase from 40% to 42-43%;
  • The share of agriculture employment to decline from two-thirds to half; and
  • The share of the urban population to increase from a quarter to a third.

High Performing Asian Countries
The transition envisaged in Vietnamfs Strategy is consistent with what was achieved in other countries, provided appropriate policies are also implemented in Vietnam.

Source: World Bank, ADB and UNDP, Vietnam 2010 Entering the 21st Century: Vietnam Development Report 2001, December2000 (Overview, p.4).