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Professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Tokyo.
Leader of GRIPS Development Forum (GDF), Tokyo

Main areas of interest:

・ Analysis of international development strategies, including strategies toward poverty reduction
     and growth, debates over international financial architecture and MDB reforms
・ Analysis of strategic agenda for Japan's economic cooperation with developing countries and
     ODA (Official Development Assistance), as well as policy proposals.



GRIPS Development Forum Discussion Paper No.18 (Mar.2009) Only in Japanese


GRIPS Development Forum Policy Note No.5
''Proposal for a New African Growth Support Initiative
by GRIPS Development Forum -Secretariat for the Multi-stakeholder Discussion Group on African Growth Support Initiative

''A proposal based on intensive discussions by a multi-stakeholder group of professionals from government officials, staff of aid implementing agencies and
international organizations, researchers, and business persons aimed at concretizing
Japan’s growth support to Africa in the context of the TICAD IV. The proposal also
benefited from discussions at a GRIPS Development Forum workshop held in late July


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