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Lecture on productivity at Vietnam PMO
(Nov. 2018) At the request of Cabinet Minister Mai Tien Dung, Prof. K. Ohno delivered a lecture on productivity to about 400 officials of PM office and economic ministries on Nov. 9 in Hanoi. It covered definition, data and Vietnam's position as well as Japanese tools for productivity enhancement. Dr. Nguyen Duc Thanh, Director of Vietnam National University Economic Policy Institute and former student of Prof. Ohno, provided interpretation. This lecture was part of Vietnam's administrative reform as well as preparation for proposed Vietnam-Japan productivity cooperation.
29th Ethiopia Mission Report
(Sept.2018) GRIPS Development Forum conducted the 29th mission in Ethiopia during Aug.12-18 and Aug. 24-30 with the staff from the Industrial Development and Public Policy Department of JICA. We conducted several activities for the Ethiopia-Japan industrial policy dialogue: discussion and dialogue with the high-level government officials; giving a lecture on the Asian development policy think tanks at the Policy Study & Research Center; discussion about the Ethiopian Productivity Research with the Ethiopian side; holding a seminar for the textile and garment industry by collaborating with the team of ITOCHU Corporation at the Ministry of Industry; and gathering information on the metal & engineering firm handholding support.
29th Ethiopia Mission Report (Japanese version only)
Lecture slide of the Asian Development Policy Think Tanks
Kenya Mission Report
(Sept. 2018) GRIPS Development Forum visited Kenya during August 20-23 to study the country's automotive industry policy as an input to Ethiopia-Japan Industrial Policy Dialogue. Because Kenya can be a benchmark country for Ethiopia in terms of automotive industry development, we gathered concrete information on Kenya's automotive market and tax structure, policy, the situation and problems faced by local component suppliers and Japanese firms in Kenya. We also visited public enterprise support organizations (KIBT, NPCC, KIRDI, KenInvest) and Toyota Kenya Academy.
Kenya Mission Report (Revised on Oct. 5)

Kenichi Ohno received the award of the Foreign Minister's Commendations(Jul. 2018) On July 24, Kenichi Ohno, the GRIPS Development Forum, has received the award of the Foreign Minister’s Commendations for FY 2017 in recognition of the significance of his contributions to the promotion of economic relations between Japan and Vietnam.
The Foreign Minister’s Commendations are awarded to individuals and groups with outstanding achievements in international fields, in order to acknowledge their contributions to the promotion of friendship between Japan and other countries and areas. The Commendations also aim to promote the understanding and support of the Japanese public for the activities of the recipients.
Kenichi Ohno has been working on policy research in Vietnam since 1995 and shared the experiences and lessons of industrial development in Japan with the Vietnamese government. His work has made a great contribution to the policy planning and economic development in Vietnam. Also, since 2004, he has trained many Vietnamese young researchers as a director of Vietnam Development Forum, which is the research base in Hanoi. The Vietnamese researchers who received training and instruction from him have played a key role in promoting economic development in Vietnam.

28th Ethiopia Mission Report
(Jun.2018) Kenichi Ohno, the GRIPS Development Forum, conducted a small mission in Ethiopia from Jun. 4 to 8 with Mr. Hideo Eguchi from JICA headquarter. The primary activity of the mission was to meet and discuss with the newly appointed ministers associated with the Ethiopia-Japan industrial policy dialogue in order to gather information and built relationships. Separately, meetings were conducted to discuss the training in Japan and the metal & engineering firm handholding support with Metals Industry Development Institute, and the detailed contents of Ethiopia Productivity Report with Policy Study & Research Center.
28th Ethiopia Mission Report (Japanese version only)
27th Ethiopia Mission Report
(Feb.2018) Kenichi Ohno, The GRIPS Development Forum, visited Ethiopia from Feb. 9 to 15 to work on the metal & engineering firm handholding support and the Ethiopia Productivity Report, which are two components of Ethiopia-Japan industrial policy dialogue. Staff from JICA and Policy Study & Research Center joined the mission. Separately, two book publishing projects were discussed with Dr. Arkebe Oqubay, a minister at the Prime Minister's Office.
27th Ethiopia Mission Report (Japanese version only)

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