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Ethiopia policy dialogue wins JICA President Award
(Oct. 2016) Kenichi & Izumi Ohno (GDF) received the 12th JICA President Award for their contribution to Ethiopia-Japan Industrial Policy Dialogue. This bilateral policy dialogue, first in Africa, was requested in a dramatic meeting with former P.M. Meles. We have always tried to come up with best policy advice for Ethiopia in close consultation with JICA, MoFA, METI, etc. After seven years, we feel we have built strong trust with Prime Minister, economic ministers and policy officials. We appreciate the Award and look forward to more intellectual interaction with Ethiopia in years ahead.

Lecturing at five universities in Tashkent
(Oct. 2016)
Kenichi Ohno's textbook, Economic Development of Japan, was translated into Russian in 2014 by the courtesy of Mr. Nasretdinov Nodirbek, a GRIPS alumni and staff of Deputy Prime Minister Asimov of Uzbekistan. At the request of Mr. Nodirbek, Ohno visited Uzbekistan and delivered lectures at five universities covering Japanese history as well as middle income traps. He also visited two JV automotive firms and met Deputy Minister of Economy Shuhrat Ismailov. Despite historical and geographical disadvantages, Uzbek people have acquired high levels of management and technology. The country overcame the post-Soviet economic shock with unique gradualism, and has grown at 8% per year for more than a decade. Buildings and infrastructure are rapidly modernized. After the planned Presidential election of November, we need to watch carefully how this country will tackle next developmental challenges.

Industrial Policy Dialogue to Continue in Ethiopia
(Aug. 2016) Since 2008, GRIPS Development Forum and JICA have conducted Industrial Policy Dialogue with Ethiopia at three levels (PM, ministers, policy). Ethiopia is now learning advanced kaizen, the five-year plan has adopted many of our recommendations, champion products are being created, export and FDI policies are supported, and Japanese FDI are invited. Ethiopia requested to continue this policy dialogue. In the next five years, Japan will expand the scope of industrial cooperation and also work jointly with Ethiopian policy think tanks so Japanese industrial expertise will be transferred to Ethiopia.

Can South Africa revitalize its industry?
(May 2016) Kenichi Ohno (GDF) was invited by the Japanese Embassy and JICA's South Africa to give seminars, meet policy makers, and study the quality of SA's industrial policy with particular attention to automotive policy. After democratization of 1994, SA succeeded in attracting FDI with generous incentives. Now TOYOTA and six other foreign makers produce cars there. Yet recent car production has stagnated around 600,000 per year due to global recession, slow domestic demand and lack of labor advantage. Industrial policy incentivizing simple assembly over HR and component supplier promotion must be revised. The Department of Trade and Industry, and Japan are eager to revise policy, but data analysis, strategic planning, and overcoming political and administrative barriers are required. The mission asked whether this was possible.
South Africa Mission Report (PDF 198KB)

The records of policy dialogue phase 1 and 2
(May 2016) GDF and JICA have completed two phases of high-level industrial policy dialogue with the Ethiopian government (2008-2015). Phase 3 is under preparation. JICA has also assisted Ethiopia with accompanying industrial projects such as kaizen and champion product creation. GDF has published the records of policy dialogue phase 1 and 2 in two volumes for stakeholders and interested people. Vol.1 contains policy dialogue minutes (Japanese) and Vol.2 contains third-country policy research as reference materials for Ethiopian policy makers (English).     Volume 1 (Japanese text only)       Volume 2 (English and Japanese text)

OVER GRIPS Development Seminar  -"Quality Growth" Sharing Experiences of Industrial Development Cooperation in Partnership with the Private Sector-
(Mar. 2016) GRIPS Development Forum Seminar was held on Tuesday, 1st March at GRIPS. We invited German leading experts from GIZ and ZDH, and Japanese experts, JTECS, JICA and HIDA.
The main objective of this seminar was to introduce the approach and
practices of German and Japanese industrial development cooperation.
Minutes        For more details >>> here

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