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Mission Report to Thailand & Cambodia
(June 2015) The GRIPS Development Forum visited Bangkok (May 25-26) and Phnom Penh (May 27-29) for industrial policy research. In Thailand, we focused on public and private efforts for promoting FDI-local industrial linkage and matching between Thai and Japanese firms. Thailand is a good example of internalizing and scaling-up Japan’s cooperation for supporting industry promotion and industrial human resource development. In Cambodia, we studied the features and issues of the recently formulated Industrial Development Policy (IDP) 2015-2025, leading policy organizations, FDI attraction and SEZs, SME promotion, etc. Starting from the position of a post-conflict fragile state, Cambodia has regained policy autonomy and established policy ownership. This is a critical historical moment for Cambodia, and we hope that Japan’s future cooperation will address the country’s ongoing efforts to attain FDI-led industrialization. Thailand Mission Report (245KB)  Cambodia Mission Report (235KB)

ADB-GDF Joint Seminar on "Financing Asia's Future Growth: The theme Chapter of Asian Development Outlook 2015" OVER
(May 2015) ADB-GRIPS Development Forum (GDF) Joint seminar was held on May 15, Friday at GRIPS. The two guests, Dr. Donghyun Park and Dr. Joseph E. Zveglich Jr. talked about the main findings and policy messages of Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2015, published in March.  For more information>>> events page

Ethiopia Information KIT for Japanese Businesses
(January 2015) GRIPS Development Forum (GDF) has conducted JICA's project, called Ethiopian Industrial Policy Dialogue, since 2009. To promote and support Ethiopian business by Japanese company is one of the main issue of the project. We compiled a booklet, Ethiopia Information KIT, which contains a policy, economy, and business climate in Ethiopia. We hope it will be useful for starting and doing business in Ethiopia. We keep revising the booklet as needed.   See >>> Ethiopia Information KIT  (version 22, PDF1.3MB)

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