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An Approaching Middle Income Trap: How Vietnam Can Escape It by VDF, NEU and supervised by Kenichi Ohno
(December 2014) Vietnam Development Forum in Hanoi, in cooperation with National Economic University (NEU), published An Approaching Middle Income Trap: How Vietnam Can Escape It (English & Vietnamese). Launching seminars were held at NEU and MPI/CIEM. This book summarizes VDF's research results in the last ten years.

If you would like to purchase the book, please contact us.


GRIPS Discussion Paper by Izumi Ohno
Japanese Development Cooperation in a New Era: Recommendations for Network-Based Cooperation"

(September 2014) This paper discusses the new era of Japanfs development cooperation from two perspectives--broader and deeper partnerships with the private sector, as well as ecooperation and competitionf with Asian emerging donors. It proposes enetwork-based cooperationf as a central pillar of Japanfs future development cooperation, based on the analyses of the nature of a new wave of internationalization of Japanese manufacturing foreign direct investment (FDI) which involves small-and medium enterprises (SMEs), as well as the extensive local human and organizational networks accumulated in Asia through sixty years of Japanfs official development assistance (ODA). Unique roles of Japan as a mature knowledge partner based on international comparative analysis and a quality leader in global business activity are also discussed. Japan should leverage its distinctive strengths in both the corporate and ODA sectors, and actively embark on the new era of development cooperation.
Izumi Ohno's Discussion Paper is >>> here

Mission Report to Rwanda
(September 2014) The GRIPS Development Forum, together with JICA team, visited Kigali during August 5-8, 2014 to study the features of Rwanda's remarkable growth in recent years from the perspective of international comparison of policy methods, and draw lessons for other developing countries including Ethiopia. Rwanda has made a remarkable history of economic development during the past two decades. Nevertheless, the current growth mechanism may not be sufficient to produce private sector-led development or graduation from aid dependency. This should be enhanced by the adoption of gemba-based pragmatism, and there appears to be much room for Japanese contribution in this regard.
Rwanda Mission Report (409KB)

Mission Report to Indonesia
(July 2014) The GRIPS Development Forum, together with researchers from Vietnam, visited Jakarta, Indonesia (June 16-20) to study the content and organizational aspects of Indonesiafs industrial policy. Indonesia has well-established processes for stakeholder consultation and inter-ministerial coordination for some policy making, as well as a cadre of certain competent leaders and organizations. The country is also attracting large volume of FDI, thanks to its sizable domestic market and natural resource endowments. Nevertheless, in implementation aspects, Indonesiafs policy capability (in such areas as investment climate, supporting industries and SME promotion) remains weak. Already, Indonesia seems to have been in gmiddle-income trap.h Under new leadership, it is hoped that decisive actions will be taken to strengthen national industrial competitiveness.
Indonesia Mission Report  (484KB)

GRIPS Development Forum Special Seminar    Over
"African Manufacturing: Current Status, Future Prospects and Policy Direction"

(Mar. 2014) GRIPS Development Forum (GDF), supported by JICA, had a special seminar on "African Manufacturing: Current Status, Future Prospects and Policy Direction" on Friday, 7 March at GRIPS. GDF invited  leading experts from the African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) and the World Bank, to discuss the present and future of African Manufacturing and the roles that policy and international cooperation must play.  For the details >>> here   


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