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Special Lecture by Mr. Erik Solheim (OECD/DAC Chair) @GRIPS
(Dec. 2013) A special lecture by Mr. Erik Solheim  was held at GRIPS in Roppongi on 18 Dec. 2013. Mr. Solheim presented his insights and perspectives on DAC's new role in the changing architecture of global development.  About the event >>> here

An article appeared in "World Financial Review"
(Aug. 2013) An article of "Eastern and Western Ideas for African Growth: Diversity and Complementarity in Development aid" was appeared in "World Financial Review". This article introduces the ideas of the book with the same name which was published from Routledge in this April.
Read the article >>> here
   (PDF version)
About the book >>> here

Mission Report to Malaysia
(July 2013) Researchers of the GRIPS Development Forum, together with the Ethiopian delegation led by H. E. Mr. Sisay Gemechu, State Minister of Industry, visited Malaysia from June 24 to 28, 2013 to study Malaysia's experiences in industrialization including export and investment promotion, and to draw implications for Ethiopia1. This study tour was arranged by JICA and the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) in response to the request made by the Minister of Industry, who was inspired by the presentations made by the Malaysian officials at the previous High Level Forums for the Phase II Ethiopia-Japan Industrial Policy Diaglogue. The Ethiopian delegation seriously discussed with the Malaysian authorities and learned from their valuable experiences, including holistic approach to development, strategic FDI attraction, "One Stop Service" concept, overseas functions for trade and investment promotion, and domestic industry promotion.
Malaysia Mission Report (639KB)

Ethiopia Business & Investment Seminar
(June 2013) On 3 June 2013, Ethiopia Business & Investment Seminar was held at Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), organized by JETRO and Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Tokyo. Prof. Kenichi Ohno from GRIPS gave a speech at the seminar. At first, he explained about our project "Policy Dialogue on Industrial Development in Ethiopia" and then talked about negative and positive aspects to start doing business in Ethiopia, etc...
"Ethiopia as Japan's Partner in Trade and Manufacturing" (1,195KB) presented by Kenichi Ohno

"Eastern and Western Ideas for African Growth" edited by Izumi Ohno and Kenichi Ohno
(June 2013) Eastern and Western Ideas for African Growth: Diversity and Complementarity in Development aid was published from Routledge. This book proposes more dialogue and complementarity between the two in the development effort of Africa and other regions. In this collected volume, contributed by experts and practitioners from both East and West, the need to introduce Eastern ideas to the global development strategy is emphasized.  read more

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