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"learning to Industrialize" - Kenichi Ohno's latest book
(December 2012) Learning to Industrialize: From Given Growth to Policy-aided Value Creation was published from Routledge. The first part (chs.1-4) covers ideas and methods such as middle income traps, policy learning, standard industrial policy tools, policy organizations, etc. The second part (chs.5-10) discusses concrete country cases - Meiji Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam and Ethiopia - in which governments brilliantly succeeded or are seriously struggling to industrialize the national economy.

Mission Reports to India & Mauritius

(October 2012) Researchers of the GRIPS Development Forum visited India (September 24 to 28) and Mauritius (October 1 to 4). The India mission objective was to study India’s long experiences in economic and industrial policy making, and a set of policies to promote competitiveness. The Mauritius mission objective was to study its industrial policies (EPZ, FDI attraction etc) as well as the role and function of matured state-business relationship. This is one of the series of industrial policy missions supported by JICA (under JICA/GRIPS Industrial Policy Dialogues with Ethiopia).
India Mission Report (592KB)
Mauritius Mission Report (761KB) (revised on Dec.28 2012)

Reports on Policy Dialogue on Industrial Development in Ethiopia (phase1)
(April 2012) These are outputs of the Ethiopia - Japan industrial policy dialogue, jointly conducted by JICA and GRIPS Development Forum for the period of June 2009 to May 2011.
Intellectual Partnership for Africa
Kaizen National Movement


Policy Minutes No. 24
(March 2012) GRIPS Development Forum has published a Policy Minutes No. 24. The Policy Minutes compile the presentations and main points discussed at the seminar "Japan's Approach to African Development during TICAD IV: The Case of Ethiopia," co-hosted by GDF and JICA on October 17, 2011. The seminar aimed to disseminate the results of the first phase of Japan's cooperation for industrial development in Ethiopia (2009-2011) with wider audience, in light of how Japan is sharing East Asian experience with Ethiopia, and to discuss its broader implications for Japan's growth support for Africa in general. >>> More  (PDF 4.63MB)

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