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Mission Report to South Korea (PDF185KB revised on 20 Dec, 2010)                 
(December 2010) The GRIPS Development Forum, together with rsearchers and officials from Vietnam and Ethiopia, visited South Korea from Nov. 22-26, 2010 to Study Korea's experiences in industrial development. The mission paid special attention to: (i) economic and industrial policy making; (ii) industrial policy tools and approaches, especially, SME promotion; and (iii) Korea's ODA policy with focus on the recently launched "Knowledge Sharing Program." This is one of the series of industrial policy study missions supported by JICA (under JICA/GRIPS industrial policy dialogues with Ethiopia), which aims at compiling useful lessons for today's developing countries.

ODA Reform: Five Recommendations, 
   by the Multi-sectoral Task Force for the Reform of Japanese ODA
(December 2010) A multi-sectoral Task Force composed of Japanese professionals involved in Japanese ODA gathered voluntarily in a personal capacity, to think about Japan's ODA in a new era and its strategic directions and institutional framework to effectively address global challenges. Based on a series of intensive discussions during February-June 2010 (with a total of about 300 participants), we put together, ODA Reforms: Five Recommendations -- Moving into the 21st-century "Development Cooperation (DC)" in June 2010. This is the English translation of the original, Japanese publication. The activity of the Task Force aimed at contributing to the on-going debates on ODA reforms, initiated by the Japanese government under the DPJ (started in September 2009), from multi-stakeholder perspectives (including political circles, the media, NGOs, businesses, consultant firms, academia, government and aid-implementing agencies).

Mission Report to Singapore (PDF168KB)
(September 2010) The GRIPS Development Forum, together with researchers and officials from Vietnam and Ethiopia, visited Singapore from Aug.29 to Sep.3, 2010 to study Singapore's experiences in productivity improvement and skills upgrading as well as organizational aspects of industrial policy formulation and implementation. Singapore was the first country where Japan provided comprehensive technical cooperation (called "Productivity Development Project") in the 1980s in order to transfer Japan's know-how in productivity improvement. Subsequently, Singapore became quite successful in internalization, scaling up, and institutionalization of Productivity Movement, and now it provides technical cooperation in this area to developing countries Africa. Its experiences should offer useful insight for developing countries which plan to introduce similar projects. The findings of this Singapore mission were presented to the Ethiopian authorities, under the JICA-supported industrial policy dialogue, in which our GRIPS team participates.

GMF-GRIPS Round Table “Toward a Brighter Future
Presentation from the Transatlantic Taskforce on Development 
(25 May 2010) GRIPS Development Forum has organized a small round table discussion with a selected group of the Transatlantic Taskforce on Development*, with particular focus on Food Security and Development. We welcomed the Honorable Jim Kolbe (former US Congressman), Prof. Carol Lancaster (Georgetown Univ.) and Mr. Max Lawson (Senior Policy Advisor, OXFAM International) from the Taskforce, and also Mr. Junichi Hanai (Senior Advisor, Rural Development Dept., JICA) as a discussant.
*The Transatlantic Taskforce on Development, co-chaired by the Honorable Jim Kolbe (former US Congressman) and the Swedish Minister for International Development, Gunilla Carlsson, launched the Taskforce report “Toward a Brighter Future” in February 2009. In late May 2010, a selected group of Taskforce members visited Japan and China to discuss food security and development, one of the key challenges presented in the report.

More information on the Transatlantic Taskforce on Development is available here: http://www.gmfus.org/taskforce/
The Report “Toward a Brighter Future: Transatlantic Call for Renewed Leadership and Partnerships in Global Development” is also available here; http://www.gmfus.org/taskforce/GMF6694_Taskforce_FINAL.pdf


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