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The Local Meanings of Educating All, and the Process of Adopting EFA Development Goals in Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia
(August 2007) GRIPS published a book which compares 3 African countries' local responses to the global development targets, EFA. This research was conducted by 5 African researchers under the supervision of Shoko Yamada. The book is edited by Shoko Yamada. The copy of the book is now available online. MORE (PDF file, 992KB)

Lecture by Mr. Lawrence Kiiza, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Uganda
(July 2007) On June 22, 2006, at the GRIPS, Mr. Lawrence Kiiza (Director of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Uganda) gave a lecture on economic policy and donor aid in Uganda. He explained the country's macro economic recovery and stability, development policy and transformation of the types of donor aid. He further discussed future challenges in Uganda such as: governance (related to donor conditionality, although the real meaning of 'governance' differs from country to country); policy implementation; proper fiscal management to reduce deficits; mobilizing aid towards promoting economic growth. His lecture paper "Four Big Public Policy Challenges for Uganda" is also available. MORE (Lecture minutes, pdf file, 30KB), MORE (paper, pdf file 79KB)

GRIPS Development Forum Seminar
(June 2007) On June 7, 2007, at the GRIPS Development Forum Seminar, Prof. Dante B. Canlas (University of the Philippines, School of Economics) gave presentation on various reform initiatives undertaken by the Ramos administration (1992-98), with special attention to political governance, economic policy reforms, and aid effectiveness. He shared concrete examples based on his actual experiences as Deputy Director-General of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) during the Ramos administration. The Philippine case provided useful references for other developing countries – not only in Asia but also in Africa – that endeavor to strengthen their development administration system. MORE (Slide,  61KB) MORE (Text, 145KB), MORE (Minutes, 65KB), MORE (Seminar program, 77KB)

Meeting with GRIPS African students
(May 2007) GRIPS Development Forum held a meeting with GRIPS students from African countries to exchange opinions on Japan's Aid on Africa. It was a part of our activities to compile information how Africans view Japan's aid. Its meeting minute is now available online. Please check it out. MORE(pdf file, 195KB, handout) MORE(pdf file, 61KB)

Managing the Development Process and Aid --Final Report published
(April 2007) GRIPS Development Forum has recently published a final report on the captioned study. The study examines the experiences in Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines on their institution building and enhancement of development administration, with the analysis of key factors affecting them. It also endeavors to draw implication for the institution building and capacity development efforts by today's developing countries. The full text of the paper is now available online. MORE (pdf file, 1.6MB)

Discussion Paper No.16
(January 2007) We have published Discussion Paper No.16, titled Country-Specific Growth Support in East Asia and Africa--Japan's ODA to Vietnam and Ghana written by Izumi Ohno. You can download here. Any comments are appreciated. MORE (pdf file, 248KB)

Policy Minutes No.21
(January 2007) GRIPS Development Forum has published a Policy Minutes on two seminars held on November 8 and 9, 2006. The first was the feedback seminar on the GRIPS study presented by Izumi Ohno and Masumi Shimamura on gManaging the Development Process and Aidh that examines the East Asian experiences on the institution building and enhancement of development administration. The second was a special seminar given by a guest lecturer, Mr. J. Jegathesan, former Deputy Director General of MIDA. He has presented Malaysia's experiences in FDI promotion and its applicability to Africa. Active discussions took place for both seminars and valuable remarks and comments were presented from the participants. MORE (pdf file, 3.8MB)

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