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Public Finance Management seminar
(December 05) Public Finance Management seminar was held on Dec. 9th (Fri), which brought together about 35 participants from Japanese government agencies, JICA, JBIC, consulting companies, and so on. Mr. Ron McGill from Crown Agents (British international consultancy) was invited as a guest speaker. In his presentation, the PFM reform project in Mozambique was argued to assess the pros and cons of PFM. For more detail, please see the seminar report.

<For further information on Mozambique>
If you are interested in recent donor activities in Mozambique, the following website may be useful:
Programme Aid Partnership (LINK)

UK Government News Report November 2005
(December 05) UK Government News Report for November 2005 has been issued. It's now available online. Let's check UK news from last month. MORE (pdf file, 44KB)

True Ownership and Policy Autonomy: Managing Donors and Owning Policies
(October 05) GRIPS Development Forum has published a book on Ownership. This book is written by Yasutami Shimomura, Kenichi Ohno, Izumi Ohno & Masashi Nagasu, and edited by Izumi Ohno. PDF file is available now! MORE (pdf file, 572KB)

Policy Minutes No. 20
(September 05) We have recently issued Policy Minutes No.20 which collected the distributed materials of the GRIPS-ODI seminar (June 9, 2005). In the book, the summary of the keynote speech by David Booth (ODI coordinator) and main points raised in the panel discussion by Japanese government officials, leaders of Aid agencies and scholars are presented. MORE (pdf file, 261KB)

UK Government News Report August 2005
(September 05) UK Government New Report for August 2005, issued by the JICA UK office, has just posted on line. Please have a look. MORE (pdf file, 27KB)

UK Government News Report July 2005
(August 05) The JICA UK office has recently released UK Government News Report for July 2005. Please check it out! MORE (pdf file, 61KB)

UK Government News Report June 2005
(July 05) The JICA UK Office's monthly report, UK Government News Report for June 2005, is now available on line. Included in the report are the summary of the G8 preparatory meeting by Finance Ministers and the  information on newly issued reports such as a study report on the relation between economic growth and poverty reduction conducted by the World Bank, UK, France and Germany ("Pro-poor growth in the 1990s: Lessons and insights from 14 countries"), DFID Departmental Report 2005, etc. MORE (pdf file, 50KB)

ODI News (G8, Tokyo Visit Report, Africa , Implication for Japan)
(July 05) G8 summit meeting will take place at Gleneagles in Scotland this week, and heated debate on aid to Africa is expected. What does this summit bring to Japan...?
 ODI, Britain's leading think tank, has posted their latest activities relating to G8, their recent visit to Japan, etc. on their website. Opinion piece by Julius Court of ODI appeared in the Daily Yomiuri on Tuesday 5 July 2005. Please take a look. LINK (ODI homepage) LINK (article by Julius Court)

The Poverty Reduction Impact of Economic Infrastructure Project (2)  by UFJ Institute Ltd.
(July 05) A Japanese think tank, UFJ Institute, recently issued a report which summarized "Key issues and lessons learned from the Vietnam's CPRGS Process."  UFJ was commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to review the process of CPRGS expansion and identify the key elements that should be included in the consideration of promotion of aid effectiveness. This report was distributed at the third meeting of the DAC Network on Poverty Reduction (POVNET) as a background document. MORE (pdf file, 381KB)

UK Government News Report  May 2005
(June 05) A monthly report "UK Government News Report May 2005" was issued from JICA UK office. This well-summarized paper provides an overview of UK events in May. MORE (pdf file, 48KB)

Our new publications
(June 05) Recently we issued the following publications. In DP12, Professor Takahashi at Kobe University analyses the way of Japan's aid toward Africa. In DP13, Professor Sasaoka discusses the preliminary findings of his research on the institutional building and poverty eradication. PM No.19 is a summary report of our seminar --- in collaboration with ODI --- we held in March. Three of them are available online.

UK Government  News Report March/April 2005
(June 05) JICA UK office has recently started issuing a monthly report, "UK Government News Report" which summarizes speeches given by government officials, press releases and news aired in UK. This succinct report is particularly useful for busy executives who are looking for a quick review of recent UK's trend. Now report of March/ April 2005 is available. MORE (pdf file, 62KB)

The VDF-Tokyo Conference on the Development of Vietnam
(June 05) The First VDF-Tokyo Conference on the Development of Vietnam will be held at the GRIPS new campus in Tokyo on the 18th of June 2005. VDF Tokyo promotes exchange of knowledge and ideas in the areas related to the economic and social development of Vietnam. The Conference welcomes scholars, researchers, practitioners and students to join as general participants. If you intend to join us, please send an email to vngripsnet@grips.ac.jp providing your Name, Nationality, Affiliation, Title, Field of study or work by 14 June 2005. LINK (Program, VDF-Tokyo website)

GRIPS-ODI Joint Seminar
(May 05) GRIPS Development Forum has the pleasure to invite all interested researchers and aid professionals to the GRIPS-ODI Joint seminar, "The Impact of PRSPs: Achievements, Challenges and the Role of Aid" to be held on June 9, 2005. This seminar is organized on the occasion of the visit of ODI researchers (Mr. David Booth, Mr. Julius Court and Ms. Karin Christiansen) to Japan. For more information, please see the letter of invitation. MORE (Letter of Invitation, pdf file, 67KB) MORE (background paper, pdf file, 29KB)

Summary report of GRIPS-ODI Feedback Seminar
(Apr. 05) GRIPS-ODI Feedback Seminar: Good Donorship and the Choice of Aid Modalities―Matching Aid with Country Needs and Ownership was held in Tokyo on 15 March 2005, in collaboration with Overseas Development Institute (@London). The seminar provided a forum to exchange views on aid modalities with ODI researchers and discuss the way of delivering effective aid. For more information, please see our summary report. MORE

Discussion Paper No.8 & No9
(Apr. 05) GRIPS Development Forum Discussion Paper No.8 and No.9 are available to view or download in Acrobat pdf format now!

GRIPS has moved to its new Campus in Roppongi
(Apr.05) Our new campus is located a few minutes walk from Roppongi station, giving us pleasant and quiet (?) surroundings to work in!  For our new address, please see below.  MAP

7-22-1 Roppongi
Minatoku, Tokyo 106-8677
Tel: 03-6439-6090 (main), 03-6439-6337 (dial-in)
Fax: 03-6439-6010

GRIPS-ODI Feedback Seminar
(Feb. 05)GRIPS Development Forum will hold a seminar titled "Good Donorship and the Choice of Aid Modalities" on March 15, 2005 (Tuesday) at JICA Institute for International Cooperation (in Ichigaya).  This seminar is designed to provide feedback to aid professionals and researchers about the use of aid modalities and shed light on current issues pertaining to global and Japan's aid policies for effective aid.  To broaden the scope of debate, we invited two researchers from ODI. For more information, please check the program and background paper. MORE (seminar program, pdf file 45KB) MORE (Seminar background paper, pdf file45KB)

Good Donorship and the Choice of Aid Modalities--Matching Aid with Country Needs and Ownership
(Jan. 05)GRIPS Development Forum has conducted research on aid management for almost one year. The objective of this study is to identify key factors both recipient and donor countries should consider to make aid more effective. The paper above summarizes our findings including some relevant country examples/cases. Any comments or feedbacks are welcome. MORE (pdf file, 378KB)

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