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Workshop on "Street Children in Vietnam" 
GRIPS will invite a young researcher from VDF (our research project office in Hanoi), who is going to analyze the problem of street children with a special attention on the dynamic implications of industrialization and global integration of Vietnam. For more information, please check VDF-Tokyo website.

Date: 19 November 2004 (Fri) 16:00-18:00 
Place: GRIPS, Conference Room B (3rd floor) MAP
Theme: “Street Children in Vietnam: Interactions of Old and New Causes under Economic Growth” 
Presenter: Ms Duong Kim Hong (Vietnam Development Forum, Researcher) *This workshop is open to anyone. If you intend to participate, please write to azko@grips.ac.jp by 16/Nov.

Center for the Study of International Development Strategies
(Jun.18, 04) The Center for the Study of International Development Strategies (CSIDS) has just launched its new website.  CSIDS is a research center established within GRIPS, and its three components are: the Development Strategy Survey Unit, the Development Strategy Research Project, and our Development Forum.  Its mission is to survey global trends in international and Japan's development assistance, and to provide information obtained from our policy-oriented research. Please click here to learn more about CSIDS.

"Linking Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction"
(Dec.26, 03) We have finally finalized our research papers on the role of large-scale infrastructure in promoting economic growth and poverty reduction.  Our papers were distributed at the CG meeting for Vietnam which was held in Hanoi on December 2-3, 2003. Japan News Volume II was also distributed at the meeting. MORE (Our papers) MORE (Japan News Volume II)

Vietnam Development Forum
We are currently setting up a new office in Hanoi, Vietnam, which will be a core center of GRIPS-NEU (Vietnam National Economic University, Hanoi)  joint project.  The objective of the new project is to conduct policy-oriented academic research in the field of Vietnam's economic development. For further information, please see our progress report. LINK (Vietnam Development Forum)

Workshop on the Impact of Large-Scale Infrastructure on Poverty Reduction
On the 25th of September 2003, a workshop "Development  of Large-Scale Infrastructure for Growth and Poverty Reduction" was held at Sofitel Plaza in Hanoi, where Izumi Ohno gave a presentation on our ongoing research, the impact of large-scale infrastructure on poverty reduction. This workshop was hosted by the MPI, World Bank and Japan, and the workshop outputs will be reflected in a new chapter of CPRGS. MORE (agenda), MORE (summary), MORE (our paper, word 1MB)

Japan News
Japan News was issued by the Japanese Embassy in Vietnam, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in July 2003. This newspaper outlines Japan's Economic Cooperation in Vietnam, and was distributed at the Mid-Term CG Meeting for Vietnam, 2003.  Now available online. MORE

"Linking Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction --Large-Scale Infrastructure in the Context of Vietnam's CPRGS"
GRIPS Development Forum is currently conducting research on the impact of large-scale infrastructure on economic growth and poverty reduction. The concept paper for this research, "Linking Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction --Large-Scale Infrastructure in the Context of Vietnam's CPRGS" was disseminated at the Mid-Term CG Meeting for Vietnam, July 19-20, 2003. MORE (Concept Paper, pdf file 262KB, <--replace p.11 with this map, pdf file 395KB)

UNCTAD Expert Group Meeting
The UNCTAD Expert Group Meeting on "New Trade and Development Strategies in Least Developed Countries" was held June 11-12, 2003. Kenichi Ohno, professor at GRIPS was invited to the meeting and gave a presentation entitled, "the Transferability of the East Asian Development Experience."  MORE (summary report by Dr. Ohno)  MORE (presentation material, pdf file 536KB)

Research Position Available
GRIPS Development Forum is currently seeking candidates for the position of researcher. This will be a non-tenured part-time (hijokin) position on contract basis, which is renewable (normally of one year) based upon satisfactory performance. The overall duration of your contract may extend to 4.5 years maximum. Qualified candidates must have Master's degree (or Ph.D) in a development-related discipline (preferably with research/work experiences in developing countries, and must be fluent in ENGLISH and JAPANESE. For more information, please see our recruit page .

A Proposal for Reforming Japan's Aid Strategy in Africa
Motoki Takahashi, professor at the Kobe University, and Kenichi Ohno, professor at the GRIPS wrote a paper, "Renovating Japan's Aid in Africa." In this paper, they propose that Japan should reform its aid strategy in Africa to make Japan's aid more effective. Specific examples that Japanese Government should work on are provided. MORE (paper, pdf file, 103KB)

Japan Economic Currents for April
The April number of Japan Economic Currents has been published by Keizai Koho Center.  For this number Izumi Ohno wrote an article titled "Japan's ODA at a Crossroads: Striving for a New Vision".  MORE (Japan Economic Currents for April, pdf file193KB), MORE (Ohno's article, pdf file129KB)

DFID Asia Regional Head Meeting
DFID Asia Regional Head Meeting was held on 7-10 April in Tokyo, where Professor Kenichi Ohno made a presentation of "Pro-poor Growth and Aid Coordination from the Japanese Perspective".  It brought together about 15 participants including Martin Dinham (Director, Asia and Pacific), Jeremy Clark (Head, Regional Policy Asia Directorate) and Mark Lowcock (Director, Finance and Corporate Performance) from the UK Office, and some members of British Embassy staff in Japan. In presentation the following points were made, that drew strong interest and opinions of the participants: 1. Pro-poor Growth 2. The East Asian Experience 3. Aid Harmonization 4. Japan's approach to ODA / Japan-DFID Partnership.  MORE (slide, ppt file, 353KB)

Vietnam-GRIPS Network
Prof. Kenich Ohno and Mr. Nguyen Chi Thanh have started an information network of former Saitama and GRIPS students from Vietnam. They have also created a web site which facilitates exchange of personal and public news among students, and reports Prof. Ohno's recent activities on Vietnam's economic development. MORE

Information Module "Vietnam's Industrialization Strategy in the Age of Globalization" 
We have created another information module focused on Vietnam's Industrialization Strategy. This is a mid-term progress report of NEU-JICA project. Research findings and current policy proposals are summarized. Your comments and suggestions are very welcome. MORE

GRIPS/FASID seminar was held on February 17 at the United Nations University.  Izumi Ohno participated as a panelist and gave a presentation.

*Presentation materials:

Kenichi Ohno's new book has been published in February 2003
This book, East Asian Growth and Japanese Aid Strategy, collects his recent articles on economic development. MORE
* If you would like to request a hard-copy of this book, please contact forum@grips.ac.jp

Policy Note No.3 has been issued
---Kenichi Ohno, "The East Asian Experience of Economic Development and Cooperation," Policy Note No.3,  pdf file(81KB)

Policy Note No.2 has been  issued
---Izumi Ohno, "Diversifying PRSP --The Vietnamese Model for Growth-Oriented Poverty Reduction," Policy Note No.2, pdf file(114KB)

The copies of Policy Minutes No.9 and No.10 have been issued
Japan-Vietnam Joint Research Project, Trade and Industrial Group held a series of meetings since  2000 to discuss Vietnam's Industrial Trade Policies.  Please check Policy Minutes No.9 and No.10 to find out more about the meetings.
---No.9, "Steel Industrial and Trade Policies of Vietnam" pdf file (151KB)
---No.10,"A Symposium on Industrial and Trade Policies of Vietnam under International Integration" pdf file(90KB)

UNDP Symposium
An International symposium, "Towards Achieving Millenniums Development Goals (MDGs): Focusing on Asia," was held by the United Nations Development Programme on 9 October 2002 in Tokyo.  Izumi Ohno (GRIPS) participated in this seminar as a panelist.

---Presentation material: "Supporting MDGs through Growth-Oriented Poverty Reduction -Japan's ODA and Asia"  ppt file (173KB) 

Information Module
We have created "Information Module" as a part of our presentation materials at the WSSD (World Summit for Sustainable Development). 

*An information module is a website dedicated to a single policy issue. Taking advantage of the renewability and expandability of the web, it can transmit information in an open and flexible manner. It is an evolving electronic document where your inputs are greatly appreciated.

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