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Kaizen National Movement

A Study of Quality and Productivity Improvement in Asia and Africa

December 2011

This handbook compiles the experiences of national movements for quality and productivity improvement (KAIZEN) in selected countries in Asia and Africa (Japan, Singapore, Burkina Faso, and Botswana), to contribute to the ongoing efforts by the Ethiopian government to disseminate, scale-up, and institutionalize KAIZEN. It is one of the outputs of the Ethiopia-Japan industrial policy dialogue, jointly conducted by JICA and GRIPS Development Forum. The handbook discusses why national movements are needed in countries which lack private sector dynamism. It then analyzes the factors essential for successful national movements and the lessons learned from cross-cutting perspectives. While a KAIZEN national movement can be effective to change popular mindset toward hard work, team work and creativity, there is a need for the government to make a conscious policy effort to orchestrate a national movement by involving the entire population and driving the transformation of their attitudes. For those interested in KAIZEN, please also see the other publication by GRIPS Development Forum, Introducing KAIZEN in Africa.

(PDF file)

Table of Contents (124KB)

List of Abbreviations  (114KB)

List of Tables and List of Figures (121KB)

Foreword (130KB)

Chapter 1    Overview: National Movements and the Synthesis of Selected Country Experiences (2,136KB)
                          Izumi Ohno

Chapter 2    The Role of Private Organizations in the Introduction, Development and Diffusion of
                         Production Management  Technology in Japan
                         Tsuyoshi Kikuchi

Chapter 3    Productivity Movement in Singapore (1,974KB)
Izumi Ohno1 and Daniel Kitaw

Chapter 4    Quality Control Circles in Burkina Faso: Lessons Learned and Implications for Other
                         Developing Countries
                         Sayoko Uesu  

Chapter 5    Botswana’s Productivity Movement (1,170KB)
                        Daniel Kitaw

Appendices  Industrial Policies in Selected East Asian Countries (Mission Reports)
                         1. Report on Singapore Mission
(2010/08/29 - 2010/09/03) 
                         2. Report on South Korea Mission
(2010/11/22 - 2010/11/26) 
                         3. Report on Taiwan Mission
(2011/03/21 - 2011/03/25) 

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