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Diversity and Complementarity in Development Aid@
\\East Asian Lessons for African Growth\\
Edited and published by the GRIPS Development Forum, February 2008


GRIPS Development Forum published an ODA policy report which serves as the conceptual basis for Japan-UK partnership, in collaboration with ODI in London. This report higlights comparative advantages of Japan and UK as donors and argue for their collaboration based on differences and complementarity. The report also provides ideas for concretizing growth initiatives in developing countries, especially in Africa. The report is offered as an intellectual input to the 2008 events to be hosted by Japan, especially the TICAD IV and G8 Summit. We believe that the principles advanced here should be applicable to all donors, NGOs and business enterprises engaged in the task of development. The chapters in this report are contributed by Japanese and UK researchers and policymakers, as wel as Malaysian and Ugandan experts. MORE(synthesis, pdf file, 25KB)

(pdf file)

Contents (13KB)
About This Book (14KB)
Words by Simon Maxwell, Director of Overseas Development Institute, UK. (23KB)

Chapter 1  An Overview: Diversity and Complementarity in Development Efforts (112KB)
GRIPS Development Forum

Chapter 2  The East Asian Growth Regime and Political Development (184KB)
Kenichi Ohno, Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan

Chapter 3  Understanding British Aid to Africa: A Historical Perspective (78KB)
Tony Killick, Senior Research Associate, Overseas Development Institute, UK.

Chapter 4  The Rise of the East: What Does It Mean for Development Studies? (57KB)
Hubert Schmitz, Professor, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK.

Chapter 5  Governance and Development: The Perspective of Growth-enhancing Governance (141KB)
Mushtaq H. Khan, Professor, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK.

Chapter 6  Governance for Growth: Improving International Development through Anglo-Japanese Cooperation (91KB)
Max Everest-Phillips, Senior Governance Adviser, Growth & Investment Group, Department for International Development, UK.

Chapter 7  The Quality and Productivity Improvement Project in Tunisia: A Comparison of Japanese and EU Approaches (69KB)
Tsuyoshi Kikuchi, Senior Industrial Consultant, Japan Development Service Co., Ltd., Japan.

Chapter 8  Strategic Action Initiatives for Economic Development: Trade and Investment Promotion in Zambia (73KB)
Dato' J Jegathesan, Senior Investment Adviser, CEO, JJ International Consultant, Malaysia.
Masayoshi Ono, Project Formulation Adviser, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Japan.

Chapter 9  Diverse Models of Development and Aid Management: Experiences of Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines (1,318KB)
Izumi Ohno, Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan
Masumi Shimamura, Associate Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan.

Chapter 10  The Relationship between Aid and Economic Growth: What Aid Strategy Should the Government of Uganda Promote? (81KB)
Lawrence Kiiza, Director of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Uganda.


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