Prof. Shigeru Ishikawa's Notes

---Featuring reports and presentation materials of Prof. Ishikawa who contributes to issues in Development Economics.

Prof, Shigeru Ishikawa: Profile

Japanese Economist; born in 1918; attached to Jiji Press News Agency 1946-56, Hong Kong Corresp. 1951-53; Asst. Prof., Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi Univ. 1956-63, Prof. 1963-82, Director 1972-74, Prof. Emer. 1982-;

Far Eastern Fellow, East Asian Research Center, Harvard Univ. 1957-58; Visiting Prof. S.O.A.S., Univ. of London 1980, Hon. Fellow 1991;

Prof. School of International Politics, Economics and Business, Aoyama Gakuin Univ. 1982-94, Prof. Emer. 1994-, Dir. Univ. Library 1996-98; Member of the Japan Academy 1998-, Visiting Prof. Josai .Univ. 1994-; Order of Friendship (Vietnam) 1997-,

Prof. Shigeru Ishikawa passed away on 4 January 2014. We pray from the bottom of
our hearts that his soul may rest in peace.



National Income and Capital Formation in Mainland China 1965, Economic Development in Asian Perspective 1967, Agricultural Development Strategies of Asia 1970, Labor Absorption in Asian Agriculture1978, Essays on Technology, Employment and Institutions in Economic Development: Comparative Asian Experience 1981, Basic Issues in Development Economics 1990



Prof. Shigeru Ishikawa's Notes


''Comparison of African and Asian Development Models: For Mutual Understanding of International Development Policies Between Japan and the United Kingdom'' No.14 (496KB)
Nov-06 "A Note on the World Bank's New Growth Strategies for Sub-Saharan Africa" (110KB)
Mar-05 Supporting Growth and Poverty Reduction: Toward Mutual Learning from the British Model in Africa and the Japanese Model in East Asia (295KB) (GRIPS Development Forum Discussion Paper No. 9)
Feb-03 International Workshop: 'Development and Local society' -Fostering reconsideration in development strategy (@Hitotsubashi Univ.)
"Ex Ante Determinants of Regime Transition : China, Vietnam, and Russia Compared"
Aug-02 Growth Promotion versus Poverty Reduction -World Bank Rethinking of Aid Policy and Implications for Developing Countries (333KB) (GRIPS Development Forum Discussion Paper No.3)

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