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Professor: Kenichi Ohno

current research interests:
ODA project for supporting Vietnam's transition to a market economy; support for Japan's economic cooperation policy, etc.



 Part-time Lecturer: 
             Akio Hosono


current research interests:
  Experiences of development and   Japanese cooperation


Adjunct Professor: Izumi Ohno

current research interests:
(1) analysis of international development strategies, including strategies toward poverty reduction and growth, debates over international financial architecture and MDB reforms; and (2) analysis of strategic agenda for Japanfs economic cooperation with developing countries and ODA (Official Development Assistance), as well as policy proposals.


Researcher: Sayoko Uesu
research on:
(1) Economic development, industrial development in Sub-Saharan Africa
(2) Security issues in North and West Africa, particularly in Sahel

  Research Assistants

               Seishu Tsuruda -administrative and research assistant related GDF projects.
               Mieko Iizuka -managing GDF website, and administrative and research assistant related GDF projects.

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