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(Ed.) Shoko Yamada (Contributions: Yacob Arsano, Eustella P. Bhalalusesa, Fatuma N. Chege, Regina M. Karega, Ayalew Shibeshi)  July 2007
The Local Meanings of Educating All, and the Process of Adopting EFA Development Goals in Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia
(pdf file, 1.0MB)

(Ed.) Izumi Ohno, (Contributions: Yasutami Shimomura, Kenichi Ohno & Masashi Nagasu) August 2005
True Ownership and Policy Autonomy: Managing Donors and Owning Policies
(pdf file, 572KB)

Diversity and Complementarity in Development Aid  \East Asian Lessons for African Growth\

Edited and published by the GRIPS Development Forum (February 2008)

GRIPS Development Forum published an ODA policy report which serves as the conceptual basis for Japan-UK partnership, in collaboration with ODI in London.

This report higlights comparative advantages of Japan and UK as donors and argue for their collaboration based on differences and complementarity. The report also provides ideas for concretizing growth initiatives in developing countries, especially in Africa.

We believe that the principles advanced here should be applicable to all donors, NGOs and business enterprises engaged in the task of development. The chapters in this report are contributed by Japanese and UK researchers and policymakers, as wel as Malaysian and Ugandan experts. MORE (synthesis, pdf file, 25KB)

For more details, please see Diversity and Complementarity in Development Aid page.

Japan-UK Links

Japan and the UK are both major players in international development policy and substantial providers of development assistance. Both also have considerable research capacity on issues relevant to international development and different comparative advantages. In both countries, researchers are very much involved in policy work, via public meetings, agency and parliamentary briefings and dissemination through print materials and websites.

ODI, Britain's leading independent think tank on international development and humanitarian issues, completed a project: Aid, PRSPs and Development: Towards Stronger Japan-UK Linkages in 2007. This initiative focused on the latest thinking and practice in aid policy in the UK - with the aim to increase interaction between researchers in Japan and the UK.

For more details, please see Japan-UK Links in ODI website.


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