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Policy Dialogue on Industrial Development in Ethiopia

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Policy Dialogue on Industrial Development  -Phase 3- 

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the GRIPS Development Forum have been continuously conducting the third phase of gPolicy Dialogue on Industrial Development in Ethiopiah for the period of 2017 to 2022. The industrial policy dialogue (phase III) is part of JICAfs larger gIndustrial Promotion Project,h which includes two additional components, .i.e., hInvestment Promotion & Industrial Park Developmenth and gExport Promotion through Champion Products Approachh.

More specifically, Japan-Ethiopia industrial policy dialogue (phase III) aims to contribute to the effective implementation of the Second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP2: 2015/16-2019/20) and the formulation of next five-year development plan (esp. industrial objectives), by sharing Asian perspectives and providing the policy learning process with the Ethiopian authorities. Special emphasis is given to Quality, Productivity & Competitiveness (QPC)-related issues, where Japanese industrial cooperation has a comparative advantage.

Similar to the phase I & II, we conduct bi-annual policy dialogues with the Ethiopian authorities through the three channels: (i) dialogue with Prime Minister; (ii) High Level Forum at minister & state minister level; and (iii) individual discussions with ministers/state ministers & policymakers, as well as various stakeholders (e.g., private sector, researchers, donors). In addition, the phase III includes new activities such as joint policy research (with the Ethiopian researchers/research institutes) and handholding pilots (comprehensive support to a small number of high-potential companies for domestic private sector transformation).

We are combining policy discussions with Japanfs concrete industrial (or related) projects--which has been expanded in the GTP2 period--and monitor the progress of all cooperation projects by Japan.

Policy Dialogue on Industrial Development

Feb. 2017 The First High Level Forum for the Phase III of Policy Dialogue of Industrial Development in Ethiopia (jointly hosted by JICA and EDRI)

EJapan's Contribution to GTP2 for Industrialization with Quality
EAnti-Export Bias and Effectiveness of Export Incentives in the Ethiopian Manufacturing
EIncome Equalization vs. Polarization
EEthiopian Youth Development and Growth Strategy
EEmpirical Analysis of Effect on job search assistance in Urban Africa

Presentation 1
Presentation 2

Report of Hawassa Industrial Park

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(2) "Income Equalization vs. Polarization -Alternative Paths for High-Growth Economies," Kenichi Ohno presented at the 1st HLF on 2nd Feb. 2017. English
(1) "Japan's Contribution to GTP2 for Industrialization with Quality -Overview of major cooperation components and issues to be tackled by the Ethiopian side," Izumi Ohno and Keiji Katai (JICA) presented at the 1st HLF on 2nd Feb. 2017. English

Policy Dialogue with H.E. Mr. Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of Ethiopia
Aug. 2017  E A letter sent from Kenichi Ohno to P.M. Mr. Hailemariam. (4 pages)
Mar. 2017  E A letter sent from Kenichi Ohno to P.M. Mr. Hailemariam. (9 pages)

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