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The “African growth support” initiative,

Multi-stakeholder study group


  • Japan hosts two important international conferences, G8 summit and TICAD IV (Tokyo

    International Conference on African Development) in 2008, and its policy of African development

    is being watched with keen interest and expectations not only from African countries but from

    other donors.


  • The theme of TICAD IV is Towards a vibrant Africa: A continent of hope and opportunity, with

    the three pillars: 1) boosting economic growth; 2) ensuring Human Security, including the

    achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and consolidation of peace and

    democratization; and 3) addressing environmental issues and climate change. The results of the

    discussions will be fed into the G8 summit.


  • Domestically, active discussions of Japan's policy for development of Africa are taking place. For

    instance, regarding the above pillar 1), various proposals suggest similar direction, including

    JICA/JBIC study on African Development and Asian Economic Growth (started in July 2007),

    the interim report by the Advisory Council to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on International

    Cooperation (January, 2008), and the private ODA Manifesto "by the Group for Renovating

    Japanese ODA" (October 2007, pdf file 327KB). The thrust of these proposals is consistent with

    the recommendations by the African Diplomatic Corps (March 2007).


  • Japan should take this opportunity to concretize these proposals and put them into actions. This

    means: 1) deciding the target countries/areas from the view of "Selection and Concentration,"

    while paying attention to the recent resurgence of growth agenda (e.g., growth diagnostics and

    regional infrastructure development by the DFID or the World Bank); and 2) making long-term

    commitment to conducting policy dialogue with African countries, through the formulation and

    implementation of industrial development strategy, based on its aid and development

    experiences in East Asia. Under the current fiscal stringency, it is indispensable that Japan

    strengthen strategic partnership with other donors and focus its bilateral aid resources on a

    limited number of countriesif it were to initiate effective growth support in Africa.


  • Share the information on the current global/domestic discussions on African growth support (e.g.,

    growth diagnostics, regional infrastructure, public-private partnerships, strategies of key donors,

    and Japan's policy for TICAD IV), examine and propose actions to be taken by Japan to

    implement effective growth support in Africa.


  • Special attention will be paid to: the degree of interests in the aid and development experiences

  • in East Asia by respective African countries; global development trends; Japan's achievements

    (or plans) of aid, and Japan's field-level aid implementation system.

 3. Participants

  • Professionals interested in African growth support, from the Japanese government, aid implementing agencies, international agencies and academia, etc.

  • Participation on a voluntary basis, in a personal capacity.


  • Date & venue: monthly meeting (for 1.5-2hours) at GRIPS Roppongi Campus, from April to July


  • Organized by GRIPS Development Forum

    Secretariat: Kenichi Ohno, Izumi Ohno, Elumba Jean Denis and Sayoko Uesu

    Contact person: Michiko Iwahashi and Harumi Misono


The minutes of the meetings.
(pdf files)

Kick-off meeting
(Apr 9, 2008)
-Sharing discussing points and information: useful resources, current international/domestic discussion on African development. Minutes (pdf file, 95KB)
2nd meeting
(Apr 24, 2008)
-Focused on the “growth diagnostics” (the framework pioneered by Harvard University professors Hausmann, Rodrik and Valesco) and the "private sector development tools in Africa", with reference to the experiences of other donors. Minutes (pdf file, 88KB)
3rd meeting
(May 23, 2008)
-Focused on 1) how to include infrastructure development into the economic growth support matrix, 2) how to boost economic growth through infrastructure development, including provision of grants and yen loans, 3) technical support for infrastructure development including promoting regional integration through projects. Minutes (pdf file, 84KB)
4th meeting
(Jun 19, 2008)
-Aimed at 1) follow the conclusion of the TICAD IV conference (28–31 May), 2) concretely discuss the direction and approach necessary to effectively implement the various initiatives in the Yokohama Declaration. Minutes (pdf file, 96KB)

Special Event:
(25 July, 2008)

How can Japan effectively support economic growth in Africa? - The African perspective -

-Aimed to generate new approaches how Japan could take effectively support economic growth in Africa, to tailor the implementation of the TICAD IVs Yokohama Action Plan and the Toyako G8 Summit.

-Opening remarks & background (Prof. Kenichi Ohno, GRIPS)
-Presentation1 (
Elumba Jean Denis, GDF Research Associate)

-Presentation2 (
Prof. Dr.
Sanga-Ngoie Kazadi, APU )
-Minutes (PDF file, 69.3KB)


Proposal for a New African Growth Support Initiative (August 2008) by GRIPS Development Forum -Secretariat for the Multi-stakeholder Discussion Group on “African Growth Support Initiative

■TICAD IV (28-30 May, 2008)
The Fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development
 (TICAD IV) in Yokohama

Link to Ministry of Finance website

JICAJBIC (2008), Report of the Stocktaking Work on the Economic Development in Africa and the Asian Growth Experience.

''Diversity and Complementarity in Development Aid:
   East Asian Lessons for African Growth''

Growth Diagnostics
  Hausmann, Rodrik, Velasco(2005)(295KB)

Commission on Growth and Development

Initiative for Policy Dialogue

International Growth Centre
  Draft Terms of Reference(22.6KB)

>>>Useful Resources<<< (pdf

IDA15:The Platform for Achieving Results at the
Country Level (2.70MB)

Africa Development Indicator 2007 (1.82MB)




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