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Japanese ODA and Reform

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ODA Reform: Five Recommendations, by the Multi-sectoral Task Froce for the Reform of Japanese ODA

-Moving into the 21st century- "Development Cooperation (DC)" 
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ODA Manifesto  -By the Group for Renovating Japanese ODA-

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30 Proposals for Enhanced International Cooperation—

October 2007

  • A multi-stakeholder group of Japanese professionals from diverse backgrounds, including politics, media, business, NGOs, academia, government, and aid implementing agencies gathered voluntarily in a personal capacity, sharing a sense of crisis in the current state of Japanfs ODA.
  • The group intensively discussed how to renovate Japanfs ODA in the immediate future, i.e., what is wrong with the Japanese ODA, what should be improved, and what actions should be taken with a common awareness of the issue. The group met twelve times between July 2006 and October 2007, and on the basis of the discussions, formulated a set of specific policy proposals (ODA Manifesto).
  • This is the first, major multi-stakeholder effort to formulate a concrete ODA reform proposal. We now wish to present this Manifesto to many citizens interested in ODA, as well as related parties in the legislative and executive branches of the Government, and act to renovate Japanfs ODA.

Please refer to the following website for details in Japanese of the discussions leading up to the formulation of this Manifesto. >>ODA Salon

This English translation of the Manifesto was supported by the British Embassy in Japan.

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