-Research & Publications-

1. Books

Ohno, Izumi and Kenichi Ohno (eds.) Eastern and Western Ideas for African Growth(Routledge, April 2013).

Ohno, Izumi, Hideyuki Sugawara and Shino Tsuchiya, Introduction to BOP Business: Addressing Global Challenges through Partnership, Chuo-keizai Publishing Co., 2011.

GRIPS Development Forum (ed.) Diversity and Complementariy in Development Aid—East Asian Lessons for African Growth, February 2008, edited by Izumi Ohno, Kenichi Ohno, and Masumi Owa.

Goto, Kazumi, Izumi Ohno and Toshio Watanabe (eds.), Japan’s International Development Cooperation, Nippon Hyoronsha (in Japanese), June 2005.

Ohno, Izumi, The World Bank: Toward New Development Strategies?, NTT Publishing Co. (in Japanese), October 2000.

Ohno, Izumi and Kenichi Ohno (eds.), Japanese Views of Economic Development: Diverse Paths to the Market, Routledge, UK, April 1998.

2. Policy Proposals

ODA Reform: Five Recommendations-Moving into the 21st century- "Development Cooperation (DC)," by Multi-sectoral Task Force for the Reform of Japanese ODA, June 2010.

Proposal for a New African Growth Support Initiative, by the Secretariat for the Multi-stakeholder Discussion Group on "African Growth Support Initiative," Policy Note No.5, August 2008.

ODA Manifesto -30 Proposals for Enhanced International Cooperation, by the Group for Renovating Japanese ODA, October 2007.

3. Reports and Papers

JICA-GRIPS Industrial Policy Dialogues between Japan and Ethiopia

Intellectual Partnership for Africa  -Industrial Policy Dialogue between Japan and Ethiopia, December 2011.

Kaizen National Movement  -A Study of Quality and Productivity Improvement in Asia and Africa, December 2011.

Introducing Kaizen in Africa, October 2009.

Reports and Papers

Ohno, Izumi, “Japan’s ODA to Vietnam and New Growth Support to Africa: Projecting the East Asian Development Vision into the Global Aid Debate,” Chapter 3, Japanese Aid and the Construction of Global Development: Inescapable Solutions, (eds.) David Leheny and Kay Warren, Routledge Contemporary Japan Series, 2010.

Ohno, Izumi, “East Asian Perspectives of Development and Aid: Towards Japan’s Enhanced Contribution to African Growth Support,” Journal of International Development Studies, Vol. 18, No.2, The Japan Society for International Development, November 2009, pp.129-142.

Ohno, Izumi and Kenichi Ohno, “Ownership of What?: Beyond National Poverty Strategies and Aid Harmonization in the Case of Vietnam,” Chapter 3, Aid Relationships in Asia: Exploring Ownership in Japanese and Nordic Aid, (eds.) Alf Morten Jerve, Yasutami Shimomura and Annette Skovsted Hansen, Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.

Ohno, Izumi and Masumi Shimamura, Managing the Development Process and Aid—East Asian Experiences in Building Central Economic Agencies, GRIPS Development Forum, March 2007.

Izumi Ohno (ed.), True Ownership and Policy Autonomy: Managing Donors and Owning Policies, GRIPS Development Forum, August 2005.

Ohno, Izumi and Yumiko Niiya, Good Donorship and the Choice of Aid Modalities—Matching Aid with Country Needs and Ownership, GRIPS Development Forum, Tokyo, December 2004.

Ohno, Izumi and Yumiko Niiya, Linking Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction—Large-Scale Infrastructure in the Context of Vietnam’s CPRGS, GRIPS Development Forum, 2003.

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