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2013/August  Article by Izumi & Kenichi Ohno (World Financial Review):  We contributed an article, "Eastern and Western Ideas for African Growth: Diversity and Complementarity in Development Aid" to World Financial Review (July/August 2013). This article introduces the ideas of the book with the same name which was published from Routledge in this April. Read the article > here

2013/7/28-8/2  Ethiopia Mission:   The GDF team visited Ethiopia as part of JICA-supported Ethiopia-Japan Industrial Policy Dialogue (2nd phase, 4th High Level Forum). In Addis Ababa, the 4th HLF was convened jointly by JICA and EDRI, chaired by Ato Newai, Senior Economic Advisor to PM. GRIPS team led by Kenichi Ohno also had an honor to meet Prime Minister, H.E. Hailemariam Desalegn, who has shared his vision for Ethiopia to become a leading manufacturing country in Africa. Kenichi also gave a lecture of Japan's economic development at the Ministry of Industry, where about 60 officials including the new Minister of Industry and 3 state ministers attended.

2013/6/23-29  Malaysia Mission:  The GDF team visited Malaysia, together with the Ethiopian delegation led by H. E. Mr. Sisay Gemechu, State Minister of Industry to study Malaysia's experiences in industrialization and draw implications for Ethiopia. This study tour was arranged by JICA and MIDA (Malaysian Investment Development Authority). We were strongly impressed by high motivation of the Ethiopian delegation, and professionalism of the Malaysian authorities who shared their valuable experiences, including holistic approach to development, strategic FDI attraction, "One Stop Service" concept, overseas functions for trade and investment promotion, and domestic industry promotion. See > Malaysia Mission Report

2013/June  TICAD V (@Yokohama):   
The Fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development was held in Yokohama. Both Kenichi and Izumi Ohno actively participated in the side events and seminars, such as METI/JETRO-hosted "Africa Symposium" and JETRO-sponsored "Ethiopia Business & Investment Seminar". We also had an honor to have policy dialogue with the Ethiopian PM H.E. Hailemariam Desalegn at his request.

2013/4  New book published !!
 Eastern and Western Ideas for African Growth: Diversity and Complementarity in Development Aid ,
eds. Kenichi and Izumi Ohno (Routledge UK,  April 2013). The West and the East approach economic development differently. This book proposes more dialogue and complementarity between the two in the development effort. The original report published from GDF (2008) attracted attention by the late Prime Minister of Ethiopia, H. E. Meles Zenawi, leading to JICA support to Kaizen project in Ethiopia, as well as JICA/GDF industrial policy dialogue with the Ethiopian authorities.

2013/April (-July)
Spring class started: Policy Design and Implementation in Developing Countries. We have students from Japan, Rwanda, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Jamaica, and Vietnam.

2013/01/07  Happy New Year for 2013 !
I will make my best efforts to make the year 2013 fruitful for international development, in collaboration with various partners.

2012/12/21  Established  Izumi Ohno's web site.

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