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About GRIPS Development Forum


The GRIPS Development Forum Project was launched in January, 2002 as one of research centers of the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) in Tokyo, Japan. We are actively engaged in a series of policy studies and proposals in the field of official development assistance (ODA) and economic cooperation. Our Project is conducted in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development (FASID), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC).

GDF project is located in one of the Center for Study of International Development Strategies (CSIDS) in GRIPS
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  •  Taking full advantage of GRIPS’ interdisciplinary orientation, we will produce strategic and policy-oriented studies in international development and economic cooperation and widely disseminate the results.

  • Building on the broad intellectual network that GRIPS already has at home and abroad, including relationships with governments, universities, research institutes, and international organizations (International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and others), we will strengthen our capacity as an information hub for international development and economic cooperation.

  • Our prime concern is quality. To maximize policy impact, we will innovate where conventional methods and organizations fall short of our needs. 

Project Leader

  •  Prof. Kenichi Ohno
    current research interests:
    ODA project for supporting Vietnam's transition to a market economy; support for Japan's economic cooperation policy, etc.

  • Prof. Izumi Ohno
    current research interests
    (1) analysis of international development strategies, including strategies toward poverty reduction and growth, debates over international financial architecture and MDB reforms; and (2) analysis of strategic agenda for Japanfs economic cooperation with developing countries and ODA (Official Development Assistance), as well as policy proposals.


Official development assistance (ODA) and economic cooperation has been a principal vehicle of Japan’s diplomacy as well as its contribution to international society. However, Japan’s ODA and economic cooperation currently faces great challenges due to the changing domestic and international environment, including: (1) demand for efficiency and transparency by the general public; (2) ODA reform to refocus on quality rather than quantity; (3) increased significance of global factors such as IT, environment, private sector development, and conflict resolution; (4) poverty reduction as a global development goal; (5) enhanced aid coordination through CDF/PRSP and others; and (6) debate on the reform of international financial architecture.

In response to these changes, many experts and stakeholders (official bodies, businesses, NGOs and others )are now discussing ways to improve Japan’s assistance efforts and to respond effectively to the new development initiatives by international institutions. The recently proposed ODA budget cuts and administrative reforms compel us to act quickly. This gives us an excellent opportunity to review Japan’s ODA and economic cooperation in a radical and fundamental way.

Activities and Dissemination

The substance of research must dictate the procedure, and not vice versa. Not confined to conventional methods, we will constantly experiment to combine the following research tools flexibly and effectively: research papers, interviews and surveys, policy dialogue with governments and international organizations, lectures, seminars, workshops, publications, network building, and pilot programs.

Our publications include the following:

  • Policy Papers (Japanese, English): based on intensive consultation with various experts and stakeholders and published in the name of GRIPS Development Forum.

  • Discussion Papers (Japanese, English): prepared on the responsibility of each author(s) to disseminate research results at various stages of work.

  • Book publication: as needed, commercial or otherwise.

Our Pledge
  1. To analyze the role Japan should play in the world and the road she should follow.
  2. To study the economy, society and development, leading to the formulation of proposals, which translate into actions.
  3. Unhampered by conventional systems and limitations, we aim to be independent and freethinking.
  4. To broaden our (intellectual) horizon, paying attention to criticism, and fostering our own views/theories through open discussion.
  5. To abolish academic generalities and to pursue practical choices that pay regard to all members of society.

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